Zombies. Undead. Walkers. Infected.

For a very long time in the world of Zombie Apocalypse preparation, the primary fitness goal was core and upper body strength, to allow the survivor to better twist the head off /wield a chainsaw/swing a bat into the forehead of the zombie. Then 28 Days…

“Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” From the Bee Gees Greatest Hits.

Fans of terrible fashion, uncertain economic times, chaotic international events, and the promise of global extinction are all in for a treat this decade. The last few years have demonstrated that the Universe has pulled out the National Malaise album and started blasting that vinyl, because if you’ve been watching…

W.E. Linde

Business analyst, former military intelligence officer, amateur historian, blogger/writer at DamperThree.com, satirist at times as a Duffel Blog contributor.

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